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Established 2005


since then it has become one of the most successful companies in Egypt, developing the housing, administrative, entertaining, commercial and service projects, through its different projects in different fields of contracting, construction, building, real estate investment and engineering consultations.

Our Ethics

  • Commitment and trust

  • Teamwork

  • Quality and safety

  • Emphasizing the customers satisfaction

  • Operative excellence

  • Social responsibility

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Dear members of Delta Urban Development Company Staff,

Since my earliest youth, I was having a burning question during my whole career, How can I serve my community which I belong to and live in? After finishing my study in architecture engineering and art, I had a strong feeling that I should be an active contributor with might and main, and should devote effort and generosity and establish a structure throughout which I can contribute in building and developing the community, so I came up with the idea of establishing Delta Urban Development Company, supported by what I have received of engineering education and execution experience in projects that offered me the opportunity to design, execute and supervise the same at the beginning of my career.

I have committed myself and my family to be an active member and positive participant in the development plans that the State adopts throughout such rising structure which I hope to grow thanks to your efforts, cooperation and association so we can together offer work opportunities to the youth engineers, technicians and employees whether the direct work opportunity of the staff of the Company or the indirect work opportunities offered by the projects that the Company executes, within the frame of a future vision so the Company becomes one of the distinguished companies in contracting field, taking into consideration the accurate balance  between the interest of  homeland and the Company to which we all belong.

May Allah, the Most High, the Almighty grant us success in serving our well-beloved homeland,

He is Omnipotent, He is Almighty.

Mohamed Ibrahim

A vision that has no boundaries

Delta Urban Development Company is advancing with confidence towards achieving its future goals by fulfilling a future insightful vision that would seize the best opportunities using the latest technologies and the best qualified human resources, with your trust in our credibility and our abidance in choosing the best engineering standards in order to satisfy your requirements.

We say no to compromises

We are looking forward to being a distinguished company in both domestic and international levels by providing integral services conforming to quality specifications and standards in contracting industry. Delta Urban Development Company aspires to fulfill it’s promises and reach the advanced level expected by its customers, and in a way of ensuring the promotion of the developing projects to the superior standards and levels, 

Delta Urban Development Company provides the appropriate workplace for its talented employees and aspires to launch its projects in the main sites and use the best advanced and quality materials. 

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A vision to the future

The future vision of the Company is represented in the ongoing competition given the market changes and such vision would be achieved throughout several strategies and main goals, as follows:
1- Activating the real estate investment activity in the Company.
2- Developing the equipments sector in the Company.
3- Increasing the contracting activity volume.
4- Maintaining the average yield achieved in present and trying to
increase the same.
5- Establishing new branches all over Egypt.
6- Increasing and developing company departments.